1. How safe is it to get virtual currency exchanged through Eldexchange?

Since 2007 we have been working as financial service provider for virtual worlds. We established several safety measures in order to ensure maximum safety for your transactions. Data transfer is performed via a 128 bit encrypted internet connection. Please find further information about ELDEXchange here.

2. Is it necessary to register in order to trade with ELDEXchange?

Basically purchasing or selling virtual currency can be done without registration. Registration is, however, fast and free of charge and offers you several advantages. No personal data are needed, except of an emailadress.

3. What is my benefit when I create an account at ELDEXchange?

a) You may track the status of your orders. Log in and go to user menu/account management. Depending on whether you have sold or purchased, you may see your corresponding orders. Meaning of NEW = we have received your order, PAID = we have received your payment, COMPLETED = the order has been completed.

b) In case you made a mistake you may delete an order with NEW status, so you don't have to ask us.

c) When you login before you place an order, saved data are autofilled if needed, for example you avatar name If you sell virtual currency, your bank data or other pay details are saved, so you dont have to add them again each time. If you use different pay details, you will get a drop-down menu and only need to choose the data you currently need. You find more advantages in other sections of FAQ like "Partnerprogram", "Discount-Program" and so on

4. Do I have to use my Second Life password for registration?

No, not obligatory. For safety reasons, however, we recommend you to choose a different password.

Note: We suggest to use a regular emailadress, so we can contact you for sure if needed

5. Is the use of ELDEXchange confined to certain countries?

For Second Life there are a few countries where we may not offer our services, for other virtual worlds we operate worldwide.

Your question not listed? please email to support@eldexchange.eu

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