Terms of Services

as of 1.06.2013

These terms and conditions apply to all deliveries and services between private and business customers (hereinafter called the customer) and ELDEXchange.

I. Scope

The services of ELDEXchange are subject solely to these terms and conditions.

II. Contract

1. ELDEXchange allows customers to exchange real currency to virtual world currency of connected virtual worlds (i.E. Second Life, AVINATION) and vice versa under specific conditions. ELDEXchange operates within the rules and regulations imposed by providers of virtual worlds, using all available security mechanisms.

2. Specific rules for Second Life:
a. Resale of Second Life currency "Lindendollar" (L$) to residents or companies other than Linden Lab is strictly prohibited
b. Linden Lab acts as a third party beneficiary to ELDEXchange ToS. Linden Lab is not liable for transactions made at ELDEXchange website.
c. ELDEXchange explicitly state that Linden Lab is not a party to the Customer Agreement
d. ELDEXchange is not an agent, affiliate or employee of Linden Lab.

III. Offer and contract conclusion

All prices and exchange rates from ELDEXchange are always subject to change and are based on current supply and demand. Orders can be issued only via ELDEXchange website. With the transfer of the virtual currency to or from the avatar-account of the client, ELDEXchange accepts the customer's exchange offer and the contract is completed. ELDEXchange can reject the offer of the customer at any time without notice for any reason.

IV. Prices and Payment

The exchange rates at the time of order prevail, unless the customer has established trading limitations related to the exchange rate. There will be no fees other than fees generated by the chosen payment method.

V. Execution

Whenever possible, ELDEXchange transfers the virtual currency to the avatar-account specified by the customer on the day the payment is received in full on the account of ELDEXchange. In any event, the transfer will occur no later than the next business day. Partial executions are reserved. Payments of real world currency are made 24 hours after the transfer of virtual currency (not possible for Second Life) from customers avatar-account. 

VI. Liability

Upon slightly negligent breach of duty of ELDEXchange or its employees, the liability is limited to forseeable damage in the nature of this contract. This does not apply to damages resulting in injury of body or mind, or in death.

VII. Privacy and Security

ELDEXchange uses the personal information of customers to process the order. All customer data is stored and processed in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

At any time, the customer has the right of free access, correction, blocking or deletion of their personal data. Data about billing purposes and financial records are not affected by cancellation requests.

ELDEXchange will not disclose the personal data of its customers, including the avatar name and email address, without explicit written consent of the customer to third parties, unless ordered by appropriate legal authority. The consent can be revoked anytime.

Pages that contain personal data of customers will be encrypted. ELDEXchange uses technical and organizational security measures to protect the data managed by ELDEXchange against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, and against access by unauthorized persons.

Inhouse-security is taken seriously at ELDEXchange. Staff members and charged third parties are bound to secrecy and strict accordance with appropriate laws.

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